Ask Me if I’m a Tree


Stitch markers for 4mm needles or smaller.


Ask Me if I’m a Tree is a set of 10 colourful stitch markers, named for a terrible, terrible joke from high school. Each set uses colourful jump rings, with light green beads adorning 8 of the 10 stitch markers. They are made with 4mm needles in mind, meeting most knitting needs.

— Markers come in an attractive pot (as pictured)
— Other colours are available upon request

((The joke, you might ask? One of my classmates claimed to be dating someone famous, and that her boyfriend would say to people, ‘Ask me if I’m a tree!’ When people inevitably did, he would shout ‘NO.’ It still cracks me up to this day, and I fully intend to have it on a plaque or something near whatever tree I get planted as at my death xD))

Ask Me if I’m a Tree

Additional information

Primary Colour

Pink, Spring Green

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