Bum Peach


Sweary Fruits, featuring Bum Peach (Special Emoji Edition)

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Welcome to Sweary Fruits!

This was a project I started on a whim, which turned into oh hey, I’m making my own patterns, why not share them. Having said that, I was dead determined to avoid emoji anything for my actual in-house projects. But I had enough people suggest it on my various flists to say hey… I don’t have to stitch it myself, but I can make it for them (hint hint, nudge nudge *giggles*).

The pattern uses DMC thread colours, but you can find conversions for just about any brand of thread online. Having said that, just because I said this is an orange doesn’t mean you have to. Make a grapefruit! Make a lime! Whatever makes you happiest. Just like you don’t have to use the swear either.

Materials needed:

— 14-count Aida Cloth (recommend 9 inches square for good margins)
— Embroidery hoop/square/frame thing
— Thread!
— Needle!
— Time!

Have fun, y’all.

Bum Peach
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