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Welcome to Sweary Fruits!

This was a project I started on a whim, which turned into oh hey, I’m making my own patterns, why not share them — especially this majestic pain in the ass. Bananas, my friends, are HARD to draw. I started out sketching it on graph paper, and then abandoned my effort for purely digital. Still, I think the end result is pretty okay!

The pattern uses DMC thread colours, but you can find conversions for just about any brand of thread online. Having said that, just because I said this is a red apple doesn’t mean you have to make a red one (but obviously, easiest to go with the flow on this one). Just like you don’t have to use the swear either.

Materials needed:

— 14-count Aida Cloth (recommend 9 inches square for good margins)
— Embroidery hoop/square/frame thing
— Thread!
— Needle!
— Time!

Have fun, y’all.

Bitch Banana
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